Appeal a ban

Although the protocols and rules are expertly made to guarantee a fair and proportional ban, we offer a protocol for those players who consider, under justified reasoning, their innocence.

When appealing a ban, this is the information you should provide us with so that we may assist you as best we can in resolving the issue. Remember that you are NOT GUARANTEED to have your ban lowered or removed. Make sure you go to our Sourcebans page and locate your ban using your SteamID before you begin.

Accusations and contempt for administrators will cause the report to be automatically rejected and may result in a permanent ban from our servers. Things you will need to provide:

You have to send the next things that we will explain next, to our Discord group (locate link in footer) in the channel 📑•ticket.

Previously, if you didn't joined our group, you must auto-assign your roles to have access to channels. Then click in the mentioned channel, open a ticket and write the info we need.

If need more information, please don't hesitate to visit Frequently Asked Questions page.

F.A.Q. - Appeal a ban

How i can get my Steam ID?

First, grab your SteamURL (the link to your Steam profile) and enter it into website, your SteamID will be in the box labeled "Steam ID" and will look similar to this: STEAM_0:1:84858938

I know my SteamID. How i find my ban?

You'll need to go to, and go into the "Bans" tab. There will be a little box labeled "Advanced Search". Click button and will open a box. Inside of it, there will be several text boxes, next to the one labeled "Steam ID" copy and paste the SteamID you found earlier and hit "SEARCH". Please remember that if you accidentally click into another box, Sourcebans will search for the contents within that box instead, make sure the circle next to "Steam ID" is the circle that is checked.

Can i appeal if i have a permanent ban?

Appeal requests are open to everyone, as long as the ban time exceeds a certain time. However, permanent bans are more difficult to appeal, since they are applied when there are very serious and proven reasons.

What conditions must my ban meet in order to appeal?

Players who have been banned for less than two weeks will not be able to appeal.

An example of the message you should sent:

For the attention of administrators:

This is a formal appeal for my ban. Here is my information:

1.- Sourcebans URL -
2.- Steam Name - [SVK]Gaben
3.- Steam ID - STEAM_0:0:10019292
4.- Time of the ban - Permanent
5.- Ban Reason - Griefing
6.- Admin - Lobo
7.- Any context regarding the ban: I was playing with ... in this map ... in this server... and happen this: ....
8.- Why your ban / gag / mute / teamban should be lowered or removed? 

Thank you very much and have a great day

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